Events Calendar

Club members who plan and/or organize activities/trips, other than those listed on the Events page, throughout the year may have these activities/trips listed on this calender page. The listing of these activities/trips are done with the intent other club members who would like participate can do so. If you wish to have an activity/trip listed please email the staff providing all necessary information (ex: Activity or Trip description, Who planning/organizing, Date(s), Contact information (either their phone number, cell phone number, email address or all), Possible cost, Possible accommodations etc). Whatever one feels should be included, as much or as little.

Disclaimer: provides this page as a means for its "members" to list activities/trips outside those listed on the Meetings page. Members wanting to participate need to contact the planning member listed on the calendar directly. Upon submission and review, will list these activities/trips on the calendar page. All communication regarding these activities/trips to be handled by the PA Prospectors member who is doing the organizing. is not responsible for the content of these posted activities/trips. also reserves the right to approve, as well as, the removal of any activity/trip without prior notice or consent.